Announcing the Legend of Saru

An epic fantasy series in mythological Japan

Artwork by Nicolas Castel

It’s been over five years since my last post, and for good reason: I’ve been writing an entire fantasy series. All nine books in The Legend of Saru series are now finished and ready to release monthly this year, starting with From the Valley of Orchids on May 22nd. During its first week, the ebook will be available at the reduced price of $0.99. Here’s the cover and blurb:

From the Valley of Orchids by Niels Saunders

Gods and Demons Clash in Mythological Japan

In the Kingdom of Yamato, magic is misunderstood. When humans pray at shrines to the spirits of the land, their wishes are not granted directly. Instead, sometimes gods are born: shapeshifting animals with the power to conjure weapons and enter the realm of dreams.

When a snow monkey named Saru is born from a prayer of hope, he longs to understand the truth about his nature. At an enchanted temple, he crosses paths with the demonic monk Akame whose infernal magic destroys everything Saru loves—and could soon threaten the whole world.

Saru flees to Otari Village, a settlement of kind people who welcome him into their homes. The village, however, is plagued by ghosts and wicked men who would exploit Saru’s powers. With Akame’s arrival looming, will Saru save the village, or lose everything again? How far will he go to protect those he loves?

I’ll be making another post when the ebook is out, but you can already buy the paperback and hardback versions from Amazon. They look absolutely beautiful, so if you feel like treating yourself, I’d highly recommend them.

I’ll be making lots more posts in the following weeks, so stay tuned for more news and deals!

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